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Register on Funding Central

To use Funding Central you need to subscribe.

Funding Central only lists funding for voluntary and community organisations registered in England, we do not list funding for individuals.

Subscription is:

Free for organisations with an annual income under £100,000

£120+VAT for organisations with an annual income over £100,000

Payment for an organisational subscription is only taken during the first user registration.

All organisational subscriptions includes unlimited logins - allowing anyone from your organisation to create accounts to use Funding Central.

I don’t belong to an organisation

£60 plus VAT for individual users not directly connected with an organisation - such as a freelancer or consultant.

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Funding Central covers funding and finance opportunities for voluntary and community organisations registered in England.

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Please confirm if you are part of an organisation so we can check if a subscription fee is payable, then link your account to your organisation.

If someone has already registered your organisation it will appear in the drop down box when you start typing. Just select your organisation.

If you don't see your organisation in the drop down list write it in the box, then we'll ask you for a few more details.

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