What Funding Central users say

Why I subscribed?

“Because as sole fundraiser, part time, I never have enough time to do everything I want to. Your really useful newsletters save me so much time with ideas for further research, tips for other sources of funding, useful links.

Setting and saving a personal profile means the information is tailored, which saves trawling through lists of irrelevant links, as happens with other sites. Thank you.”
Dr. Clare Jefferis, Fundraising Manager, Lee Abbey Fellowship

"Your newsletter is the best roundup of funding available."
Rashpal Rai Chief Executive and founder Wellbeing Works CIC

"Because you offer opportunities for people to access the financial resources they need to make their communities more resilient and make the world a better place. Your information appears to be objective, bias-free and above all else open to all those who have a passion for helping to improve society."
Anthony Felstead, Golden Cap

"Funding Central is the best funding search engine around...The funding environment has changed a lot over the six years .. We now have to do much more searching for eligible grants which makes funding central invaluable - The alert emails are really handy for flagging up funds which may have been missed!"
Ruth Copleston, Lincolnshire CVS

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Funding success

No Way Trust

"I use Funding Central to alert me to funders that I may have never heard of and then to look at their funding guidelines. It is really useful to have the links to websites and funding applications all in one place and makes my job easier, which is partially trying to raise funds for the charity that I work for. The weekly newsletter is a great reminder of deadlines for specific funders.

Last year we have found funding through Funding Central from five different funders, raising a total of £16,500.

This funding has been core to the services that we provide. It has helped us to work with more young people, in different geographical locations across the UK, as well as to continue to employ an ex-offender to help with our work.

I have found much greater success by thoroughly researching the potential funder in terms of their guidelines, amounts granted, deadlines and also looking at their accounts on the Charity Commission website.

I would recommend Funding Central to anyone, as it is an excellent online resource for anyone looking for funding."

Stephen Robinson, Executive Advisor No Way Trust

The UK Dodgeball Association

"Funding Central has played a key role in helping the UKDBA to identify the local pots of funding which has in turn influenced our delivery within a very positive way.

Funding Central is an excellent resource, because it identifies hundreds of funding organisations, commissions and contracts within seconds. This saves a huge amount of time searching through various websites.

We were successful in securing local housing and local authority funds to build up the grassroots side of Dodgeball, which has proven to be pivotal particularly within areas such as Greater Manchester.

Funding Central is a great resource and without it, many organisations would certainly not survive."

Tom Hickson, Director of Strategy, UK Dodgeball Association

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Cascade Training Plus

"I spotted this opportunity in my tailored, weekly email from Funding Central – we applied and were successful. This grant will allow us to cover administration costs, get the network up and running and hold meetings in the first year."

Lindy Booth Cascade Training Plus, South West


"Funding Central allows us to stay on top of the latest funding opportunities, news and training opportunities. As we are a national organisation, it is imperative that we don’t lose touch with local funders and miss valuable opportunities for projects. The ability to run a detailed search and receive tailored funding and finance e-alerts means we are informed and saves us valuable time."

"We had a project plan – the next step was securing funding. I used the Advanced Search which identified a range of funders, some of which we would never have known existed. We applied and received approximately £9,000 from the Co-operative and Awards for All towards the costs of the event which the young people of Brent and Camden enjoyed."

Gemma Bukel, P3

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Exploring different funding options

New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

"I work as a sole fundraiser with a focus on individual giving, trusts and foundations and major donors. It can sometimes be a pretty lonely job being a sole fundraiser, so it’s good to have resources like Funding Central there to provide support and motivation. The tools and guides section contains some great advice, particularly if you are starting out in fundraising.

I find Funding Central is good for highlighting funders or trusts that I wasn’t aware of, sometimes funding sites bring up so many funding options that they all blur together. So highlighting them helps me see particular trusts that might be worth a second look."

Victoria Martin, Fundraising Officer, New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme

The Apostolic Church Liverpool

"We would and have recommended Funding Central to others. We tell them that it is extremely useful and easy to use service that will save them time and (usually already stretched) resources.

Funding Central is extremely good in the fact that you can visit one site and find everything. News, funds, funders, contracts and training. It's is updated regularly which is great and is very accessible and easy to use."

Leanne Hawley Director The Apostolic Church Liverpool which also runs the Maggie O'Neill Community Resource Center

Supporting groups to secure funding

Community Action Southwark

Action Southwark use Funding Central in their work with organisations in south London. "We encourage our local groups to sign up to the Funding Central newsletter and to use the site themselves… it helps them find funding to achieve their purposes."

Celine Rotcajg, Sustainability Officer

National Association of Child Contact Centres

"I have found Funding Central really helpful to my role as Sustainability Officer working with local groups across the country. The newsletter comes in every week with the latest funding opportunities and acts a great a reminder. It’s fantastic I don’t have much time and the first paragraph tells me the essential information about that fund. I can just scroll through the funds featured and read more about the relevant ones on the website.

We’d definitely miss Funding Central if it wasn’t there. It’s the only site I’ve found that covers the whole of England in detail. Just having the infrastructure of Funding Central there is so useful knowing that you can go into the site quickly search by location and find the information of funds consistent, accessible and easy to navigate through. We recommend it highly to the groups that we work with."

Ruth Miles, Sustainability Officer, National Association of Child Contact Centres, NACCC

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How funders are using the site


"Without having had our fund advertised for us on Funding Central, we’d never have experienced this level of need.” Lucy-Jayne Cummings, Grants Administrator, LandAid

LandAid Charitable Trust leverages property industry experience and resources from over 50 corporate supporters to help socially or economically disadvantaged young people in the UK.

When one of LandAid’s grant opportunities was featured on Funding Central applications jumped six-fold. This sudden surge led LandAid to clarify and better communicate its funding criteria and develop an efficient online application process to help reduce the administrative burden.

By reviewing their application guidance and processes LandAid told us they are now much further ahead with marketing and PR activities than it would be otherwise and had added benefit of more property companies coming forward to support the fund. A higher profile has also meant that LandAid has been able to reach a larger audience, and this has resulted in the Trust funding some great new organisations and projects which it wouldn’t otherwise have been aware of.