Running a funding search

Get straight in with our advanced funding search

  • Run a search for your project or search by funder, scope, location and keywords
  • Adjust your search criteria and save searches as you go
  • Receive tailored list of results to explore in more depth.

Getting the most out of the Advanced Search

Work through our tips or watch our how to video to make sure you get the most out of the Advanced Search.

Save time

To save time pre-fill your funding search with information from your profile. Just select from personal details or organisational details from the top of the search page.

Searching based on your personal details will tailor the search to the work that you do as an individual, rather than your organisation as a whole.

Saving your search

You can save your search and return to it at any time. Click on the Save Search button on the right hand side of the results page and name your search.

Individual funding schemes can be saved in the same way by clicking on the Save Details button on the right hand side of the page.

Save searches to your newsletter

You can tailor the content of your weekly newsletter information from your saved searches.

When you save your search the box I want to receive weekly alerts based on this search is already selected. If you don’t want these details to tailor the content of your weekly newsletter just un-tick the box.

Finding saved seaches

Go to your Profile, your Saved info tab lists your saved searches and saved schemes.

Adapting searches

Click on the search name and from the Results page, click on the pink Back button. This will return you to the Advanced Search page.

You can now change any of the information on this page, then run a new search by clicking on the pink View results button. You can also save this as a new search - just remember to give it a new name.

Create your report

You can create a report based on your search results.

Tick the boxes next to the schemes you would like to include and click on the Create Report button on the right hand side of the page. You can save the report to your own computer, to then print.

Creatie and print your report

Run a quick search

If you want to run a quick search you can just search by keyword, funder, deadline or amount.

You can use the keyword search on its own or to look for a specific scheme by its title.

If you are looking for a specific scheme, click on the Advanced menu and select Search scheme name only’

You can also use the funder search to identify all the funds provided by a specific organisation. As you type, the funder’s name will appear in a drop-down below – you need to click on this and then on View Results.

Refining your search

On the right hand side of the screen a funding counter shows the number of grants and social investment / loan finance opportunities your search found .

If you have more than 200 matches you won't be able to view them all in on list. You'll need to go back and refine your search results into a manageable list. This will help you save time and make your results more accurate.

You can further refine your search by critieria such as keyword, funder, deadline or amount.