No Way Trust

I work for the No Way Trust or more commonly Prison! Me! No-Way!!, an educational and crime prevention charity, which also assists with the rehabilitation of offenders. Most of our work is with secondary school pupils, to try to educate and inform them about crime and the impact that this can have on them, their families and their local communities.

As an Executive Advisor with responsibility for fundraising I use Funding Central to alert me to funders that I may have never heard of and then to look at their funding guidelines.

It is really useful to have the links to websites and funding applications all in one place and makes my job easier, which is partially trying to raise funds for the charity that I work for.

The weekly newsletter is a great reminder of deadlines for specific funders.

I would recommend Funding Central to anyone

It is an excellent online resource for anyone looking for funds and it should certainly help anyone to find funding opportunities.

It is difficult to quantify what funding has directly been raised due to Funding Central but I can attribute raising £16,500 last year from a range of five different funders. This funding has helped us to work with more young people, in different geographical locations across the UK, as well as to continue to employ an ex-offender to help with our work.

My tips

One of the most important aspects of fundraising is to be specific about the funders that you target and not use a “scatter-gun” approach. I have found much greater success by thoroughly researching the potential funder in terms of their guidelines, amounts granted, deadlines and also looking at their accounts on the Charity Commission website.

My tip would be to make sure that you set up your profile as accurately as possible so that the possible opportunities are finely tuned to your needs. It should certainly help anyone to find funding opportunities.