How Second Thoughts East Yorkshire found funding

Second Thoughts East Yorkshire is an Incorporated Charitable Organisation that promotes good mental health and supports people facing barriers because of any mental health problem.

We facilitate group workshops and run self help groups and support employers with mental health awareness and stress management in the workplace.

our weekly lifeline to potential sources of funding

Why I use Funding Central

To me Funding Central is the ‘one stop shop’ for funding opportunities. Looking for potential grants is very demanding on time and Funding Central does the sifting for me. I look at my update email and because I created a profile, that tells me which grants may be suitable, and lets me know when they are open for applications. It is my most valuable resource for this area of the work I do certainly.

It helped us find funding and expand our services

I have found a grant to help pay for our project work and to help with some core costs. It has helped us to set up the self help groups, so giving people continuing support beyond our sets of workshops. We are also optimistic that several of these groups will float off and become autonomous, so it is far more than just Second Thoughts East Yorkshire and our service users who will benefit in the long term.

Funding Central is my weekly lifeline to potential sources of income. Without it, we would have been much further behind in terms of development.

Tips for other users

Always think about your profile and make it as applicable and tight as possible. Be aware that there is a risk of just following income and drifting away from why your organisation has been formed. Be good at what you do, not a 'jack of all trades'.

Second Thoughts East Yorkshire, Greg Harman