The Reporters' Academy

The Reporters’ Academy is an exciting not for profit training and education company with a twist, that we are also a media production company! We provide young people with high quality training, work experience opportunities and work readiness skills. Then we produce films for organisations that need them. Young people are referred to us from many trusted partner organisations including Local Education Authorities, Prince’s Trust, National Citizenship Service, schools and families.

Why we use Funding Central

Funding Central is an incredible resource! There is no way we could keep up-to-date with all the opportunities. If it wasn’t for Funding Central we would have to spend our days finding this information, which would leave no time for engaging young people in life changing opportunities.

Funding success by understanding the funding landscape we work in

We have found lots of funding opportunities through Funding Central. We’ve been successful with five applications, unsuccessful in about the same number, but we’ve learnt about upcoming opportunities, got a sense for the landscape and an understanding of the needs of local organisations and priorities of grants and foundations.

We’ve secured funding from Big Lottery, Heritage Lottery, Moto in the Community Trust, Cheshire East Community and Manchester Guardian Society. We have won a total of £24,000 in the last six months.

What we have done with the new funding

We wanted to give back locally, this new funding has allowed us to spread the reach and impact of what we do further. We’ve been able to offer scholarship placements to young people in our local area, delivered training in half term holidays and have engaged new disadvantaged participants in exciting real-life film making projects.

We are more sustainable now than ever thanks to grant funding gained from Funding Central knowledge. We are easily able to find funding that is relevant to our activities, rather than chase funding that doesn’t fit with our priorities.

Share your story in engaging ways

The use of video, photography and audio recordings in capturing evaluation content of our projects is time well spent, young people enjoy the mechanics of capturing it and sharing their opinions, and we think grant funders equally enjoy watching it!

Katy Atkinson, The Reporters' Academy