Our impact June 2016 - June 2017

In June 2016, after our funding from the Cabinet Office ended, we began our journey to diversify our income and become sustainable.  We want to share how we got on in our first year and what our users said about Funding Central.

Over 400 of our users took part in our annual user survey and shared their thoughts with us. We've pulled together the key findings in our impact poster.

You can download the poster as a PDF or JPEG or view key findings as text below.

Our impact poster - June 2016-2017
Funding Central user quotes 2016-17

Our users

In our first year of subscriptions nearly 15,000 organisations subscribed (paid and free).

  • That’s around 19,000 users
  • Using our funding search over 100,000 times
  • And our weekly funding newsletter emails has been been opened nearly 800,000 times.  That’s around 15,000 times every week.
Percentage of users across England
  • North East 8.29%
  • South West 13.42%
  • London 13.69%
  • East Midlands 9.50%
  • East of England 8.91%
  • Yorkshire and The Humber 10.03%
  • North West 12.20%
  • West Midlands 10.80%
  • South East 13.17%

    "Quick, concise and easy to use funding tool. Funding Central feels like an old friend assisting us along a bumpy road!"

    "Informative. Accurate. An excellent centralised resource that helps me in my work"

    "Enables me to co-ordinate and manage our approach to fundraising across the whole organisation"

    "Snippets of really useful info that pop into my inbox but never bamboozle me"


Our users rate Funding Central

  • 89% of respondents rated our newsletter good or very good
  • 93% said Funding Central alerts me to new funds
  • 89% said they are satisfied or very satisfied with Funding Central.

    "It thinks like we do! The way it is set out - both on the site and in the newsletter - mirrors how fundraisers are always thinking short and long term but with an eye to the unexpected opportunity"

    "I couldn’t run my small charity without it"

    "I’d be lost without it!"

    "I love the immediacy of it, everything is there to follow up at a click"

    "Informative. Accurate. An excellent centralised resource…Comprehensive"

Time saved

Thousands of hours saved and used more efficiently

  • ¾ of respondents said we save them time searching for funding
  • On average over four hours each week.

    "Takes the hard work out of searching and brings attention to things I might have missed"

    "Saving you hours searching"

    "Alerts us to funding we would not normally be aware of"

    "Breadth of areas covered in your alerts makes my job so much easier"

    "Brilliant time saving resource which allows us to get on with the actual charitable work"


Fundraising success and sustainability

  • 78% respondents said we made it easier to find and apply for funding
  • Over 2/3 (68%) said they applied for funding found through Funding Central.

Of those respondents that found funding:

  • 55% secured up to £10,000
  • 30% secured £10,000-50,000
  • 15% secured over £50,000.

64% respondents said this funding helped their organisation become more sustainable.

"A search tool which can match us with funders quickly and easily"

"Points you to funders in line with your needs"

"Has helped obtain two grants we would not have been aware of"

"Alerts me to upcoming deadlines and funds I wouldn't know about"