About our funding search

Searching for funding for your voluntary organisation or social enterprise? Our two funding searches provide unique access to thousands of grants, contracts and social investment opportunities from local, national and international funding sources, all in one place.

You'll need a subscription to use our funding searches, so this is how it all works...

Two intuitive ways to search

Our guided search supports anyone new to the site or new to fundraising
  • Work through a series of questions about your project
  • Resources to support your are identified along the way
  • Receive tailored funding and advice results to work through.
Or get straight with our quick funding search
  • Run a search for your project or search by funder, scope, locations and keywords
  • Adjust your search criteria and save searches as you go
  • Receive tailored list of results to explore in more depth.

Tailored results

Both our funding searches produces a tailored list of results for you to explore in more depth.

You can save funding scheme and individual funders to your profile or print out as reports. You can also save your funding searches to use again.

You can view your results by funding type, location, amount or deadline.

“It would take hours to track down the information you provide”

See how our funding search works

Easy to read funding listings

Our funding listings are easy to read - highlighting all the key criteria from guidance documents, how to apply and contact details.

Tailored for voluntary sector audience

All funding opportunities on Funding Central are researched by our dedicated team and presented for a voluntary sector audience. We remove any jargon and highlight key information you need to know.

We add new opportunities, news and events to the site each week.

“Your information appears to be objective and bias-free”

Personalised to your needs

To save time you can run searches based on your profile that pre-fill the search fields. You can then tweak each search and save them to use again another time.

You can personalise your Funding Central homepage to show the information you want to see and set up your to do list.

“Setting and saving a personal profile means the information is tailored, which saves trawling through lists of irrelevant links, as happens with other sites.”

Search criteria

You can search by:

  • Location
  • Scope of funding - regional, national, international
  • Type of organisation specific - charity, social enterprise etc
  • Type of funding - grant, contract or loan finance
  • One off or ongoing support
  • Area of work
  • Scope of activities
  • Beneficiaries
  • Key word
  • Funder
  • Deadline
  • Value of opportunity

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Set up your subscription

If you'd like to try the site before you subscribe please get in touch - email fundingcentralhelp@ncvo.org.uk