Our impact 2015

Funding Central exists to help you so your feedback is incredibly valuable to us to see how we are getting on; what we are doing well and where we can develop.

About 1500 people took part in our annual user survey and shared their thoughts with us. We will be using the feedback to help us develop Funding Central over the coming months.

To share how we are doing and how Funding Central is used we've pulled together the key findings in our 2015 impact poster. You can download the poster as a PDF or JPEG or view key findings as text below.

View our Funding Central impact poster 2015

Our users

Funding Central users are spread across England

Funding Central has 94,800 registered users.

Growth in users in 2015 about 1100 each month.

Percentage of users across England

  • North East 8.5%
  • North West 11.9%
  • Yorkshire and Humber 10.4%
  • East of England 9.4%
  • East Midlands 10.%
  • West Midlands 10.7%
  • South East 12.8%
  • South West 11.3%
  • London 14.9 %

"Funding Central acts as a strategic hub for me. For information, learning and funding resources”

“As a fundraiser for 20 years, it is one of the sites that I trust 100%”  


Thousands of hours saved and used more efficiently

89% of respondents said Funding Central alerted them to new funds.

“Getting all funding news in one place. Saves our team crucial time as a very small non profit”

“Funding opportunities tailored to my profile - less wasted time”

71% of respondents said Funding Central saves them time each week.

On average respondents said Funding Central saves them over 3 hours a week.


Fundraising success

65%of respondents applied for funding found through Funding Central.

“It helped discover funding opportunities I didn't know existed”

On average survey respondents secured around £18,000 from funding opportunities they found on Funding Central.

33% of applications were successful

and 45% more were still waiting to find out.

90 infrastructure organisations answered our survey, the groups that they support secured on average around £146,000 from Funding Central.


Our users rate Funding Central

85% of respondents said they are satisfied or very satisfied with Funding Central.

85% rated our tailored weekly newsletter as good or very good.

“The funds relevant to my work pop into my inbox every week”

Reasons why our users recommend Funding Central

  • It makes me feel someone else wants to help me find funds
  • Helps focus thinking on possible sources of income
  • It picks out opportunities that other funding searches don’t
  • Best summary of available funds out there
  • The searching is done for you! Saves me SO much time
  • It gets straight to the opportunities I need to know about.