Our impact 2014 - 2015

Funding Central exists to help you so your feedback is incredibly valuable to us to see how we are getting on; what we are doing well and where we can develop.

About 1650 people took part in our annual user survey and shared their thoughts with us. We will be using the feedback to help us develop Funding Central over the coming months.

To share how we are doing and how Funding Central is used we've pulled together the key findings in our 2014 - 2015 impact poster. You can view more of the key findings as text below.

Download and help us share our Funding Central 2014 - 2015 impact poster (PDF)

Funding Central impact poster 2014-5

Our users

Funding Central continues to grow across the country

We have over 82,000 registered users. The growth in users over 2014 was nearly 1100 every month.

Percentage of users across England

  • North East 5.08%
  • North West 13.23%
  • Yorkshire and Humber 10.55%
  • East of England 6.95%
  • East Midlands 8.28%
  • West Midlands 7.08%
  • South East 14.23%
  • South West 11.89%
  • London 18.90%

Over 2/3 of users are based outside of London and the South East

"We would and have recommended Funding Central to others. It’s extremely useful and easy to use service that will save them time and (usually already stretched) resources”

“You can create to-do lists and priorities grants, it save a lot of time and holds all the information I need in one place”

Our weekly newsletter tailored to user needs is opened approx 30,000  times a week

“The service comes to me through the weekly newsletter”

“It really helps me understand and find out about new funds. I get a bit excited when I see it in my in box!”

Time saved

Thousands of hours saved and used more effectively

  • 89% of respondents said Funding Central alerts me to new funds
  • 83% of respondents said Funding Central saves me time searching for funds. Over 1/3 of these said it saves them one hour or over per week.

“It would take hours to track down the information you provide”

“I used to spend about an hour a week looking for grants and still not find anything Funding Central does all the work and much more successfully than I did!”

Fundraising success

  • 60% of our respondents applied for funding they found on Funding Central
  • Over 1/4 of all applications were successful, 1/4 were still waiting to find out
  • On average successful applicant organisations secured £21,000.

“Through Funding Central we secured funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) to enable us to run an employability and motivation course for young people in the area with few or no qualifications. This was extremely successful and 60% of those young people went on to find employment.”

“You can be really confident that Funding Central hasn't missed anything that has come out”

Support providers

  • 127 infrastructure organisations responded to our survey
  • 61% said the groups they support has secured money through Funding Central
  • The groups that they support secured on average £90,500 last year through Funding Central.

“Funding Central allows me to help smaller organisations find new streams of funding”

User satisfaction

Our users give Funding Central the thumbs up

  • 89% of respondents said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with Funding Central
  • 82% rated our tailored weekly newsletter as good or very good

“Excellent filtering system that matches my vision to available funds (which is the right way round!)”

Advice and support

We asked our users about their upcoming priorities. Almost 50% said they are looking to diversify income over the next year.

We’ve added new advice guides on a range of funding areas to help you explore your funding mix

We also asked our users specifically about about crowdfunding.

  • 45% of respondents said they’d consider running a crowdfunding campaign
  • But 37% said they didn’t know what it was or where to start

So we are working with Crowdfunder to help you explore crowdfunding as part of your funding mix. Crowdfunder is the UK's largest rewards based crowdfunding platform, so far they have helped thousands of projects raise over £4 million.

See how crowdfunding works on Crowdfunder

Some of the reasons why our users recommend Funding Central

  • It is a source I can constantly trust
  • Keeps me feeling connected
  • One stop shop
  • It comes to you
  • Excellent resource for fundraisers of all ability
  • Gives me a sense of what themes are 'trending' for funders
  • Tells me about forthcoming deadlines to help me prioritise
  • Everything in one place and no nonsense
  • The service comes to me, I can access it with great ease
  • Saves so much time.