Community fundraising and individual giving can help raise valuable funding for your organisation.  From street collection, to adding a make a donation button to your website, to running a crowdfunding campaign, there are many ways to ask for money.

Fundraising activities can also provide new ways to communicate with your supporters and can galvanise more support for your cause.

Donations are usually unrestricted so you carry out activities that are not currently supported by grant programmes or contracts.

Running a fundraising event

Fundraising events can help raise valuable funds for your organisation but they can also help you profile raise, let your supporters network with each other and help you find new supporters or donors.

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Online giving

Mobile phones, tablets and social media have changed the way people interact with and donate to charities. Online or digital giving provides instant opportunities for people to give to an organisation and then share their actions with others to increase the reach.

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Crowdfunding is a huge growth area of income. In the UK it’s estimated that £2.5 billion has gone into projects through crowdfunding so far. Nesta the innovation charity say that crowdfunding grew by 388% in 2013.

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