The UK Dodgeball Association

The UK Dodgeball Association (UKDBA) is national governing body for the UK’s Home Nations. My role as Director of Strategy is to work with our Sports Council’s and other relevant partners to align corporate priorities.

In terms of our income mix our membership and coach education departments secure the biggest revenues. However we are dependent on smaller local pots of external funding to continue to build grassroots sector of our sport.

Funding Central has played a key role in helping the UKDBA to identify the local pots of funding which has in turn influenced our delivery within a very positive way.

We were successful in securing local housing and local authority funds to build up the grassroots side of Dodgeball, which has proven to be pivotal particularly within areas such as Greater Manchester.

The support and advice from Funding Central has simply provided access to a plethora of funding opportunities that would not have been possible to access, therefore the impact is significant. It has made a huge difference and has changed the lives of many families. Dodgeball is a sport that appeals to people who do not regularly take part in Sport, it is very easy to play and it is very low cost. Therefore we have role to play by engaging with harder to reach families, and Funding Central has provided us with a fantastic start.

Funding Central is a great resource and without it, many organisations would certainly not survive.

Tom Hickson, Director of Strategy, UK Dodgeball Association

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