Crowdfunding is a huge growth area of income for voluntary and community organisations. In the UK it’s estimated that £2.5 billion has gone into projects through crowdfunding so far. Nesta the innovation charity say that crowdfunding grew by 388% in 2013.

Crowdfunding is a way of funding a specific project by raising donations from many different people through usually through a time limited campaign.

Raising funds for a specific project is not new; war memorials, plaques and benches have been funded by small donations from communities for centuries. But the way that social media has developed provides the perfect conditions for crowdfunding as a fundraising tool to flourish.

Running a crowdfunding campaign can also be a great way to develop and test your fundraising messages to a new audience with a relatively small budget and in a contained way.

In this section we explore how you can achieve crowdfunding success.

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Lots of our users told us they'd like to find out more about crowdfunding but didn’t know where to start. So we are working with Crowdfunder to help you explore crowdfunding as part of your funding mix.

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Community shares

Community shares are a way to raise money by offering your community a chance to own shares in your organisation.

Running a community share campaign is like a crowdfunding project, so you'll need access to a group of people who support your idea and put their own money in to make it a reality.

Running a Christmas campaign

We know that Christmas is a great time of year to run a fundraising campaign. Have you ever thought about a Christmas crowdfunding campaign?

Tips from crowdfunders