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Your account profile

How do I change details on my user account, such as password, name, address, area of interest?

Go to your profile where you can change all these details as well as your newsletter preferences. Then click the pink save button when you are done.

I am having trouble accessing my account. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click the forgotten my password link on the top right of each page and you will be sent a reminder to the email address you registered with.

If you have cut and pasted in an email address or password check if any spaces have been included and delete them.

If you are still having other login difficulties please get in touch with us.

How can I change the organisation that I am registered to?

Please get in touch with us with the new name of the organisation and we will make the change for you.

I’d like to unregister my details from Funding Central

You can change your preferences including unsubscribing from the mailing lists through your profile.

If you would like us to remove your account entirely please get in touch with us.

How can I close the account of my colleague who has left the organisation?

Please get in touch with us with the email address we will complete this for you.

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How can I get more tailored information sent to me regularly?

You can sign up for the weekly tailored newsletter through your mailing preferences in your profile. You can select the type of information you would like to receive and update this as your situation changes.

Why are the deadlines in my newsletter so close?

We notify you about funds that are at different stages, including urgent deadlines, deadlines coming up soon and new funds announced. We have recently amended the urgent deadline dead line to ensure there are at least two weeks before the opportunity ends.

You can search the site at any time to find all open funds suitable for you and save the search criteria for next time.

How can I unsubscribe or change my mailing preferences?

You can change all your preferences through your profile including unsubscribing from the mailing lists.

I have registered for the newsletter but have yet to receive it

Go into your your profile and double check the email address is correct, are there any spaces at the end of it if you have cut and pasted the address in?

Check your junk mail to see if the emails are going in that folder.

If you have an IT team check with them to see if the email is being blocked by your server - ask them to search for the email address

If you are still not receiving the newsletter please get in touch with us.

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How do I list an event on Funding Central?

Funding Central lists hundreds of courses, workshops and events of interest to voluntary and community groups and social enterprises. You'll need to be registered to Funding Central to complete our online form, if the event is relevant it will be added to the website. Add your event.

I have funding and finance opportunities I’d like to list on Funding Central – how can I do it?

We welcome the addition of funds to the website. You can complete the funding template and send it through to us, if the opportunity is relevant we will add it to the website.

If you are a funder you can amend and update your own funding opportunities yourself in the Funder Zone. Find out more about the Funder Zone.

How can I access the Funder Zone?

The Funder Zone is an area exclusively for funders and finance providers to use for monitoring and administering their funds. Funders can access this zone by ticking the box on the registration or profile page or through the Funder Zone section of the website. It can take a few days for us to set up full access.

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Searching for funds

How can I get more relevant funds when I search Funding Central?

You can narrow your search terms through using the Advanced Search function the search results will be broken down by income type and scope.

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Contact us

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