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Funders Zone user guide

The Funder Zone area of our site is for grant funders, public sector commissioners and loan providers who provide funding to voluntary and community organisations, charities and social enterprises.

Find out how to get the most out of your Funder Zone account:

Your dashboard

Your Funders Zone dashboard allows you to view all the funding opportunities we currently list for your organisation.

The dashboard displays all funds, open or closed, that are linked to your organisation. You can also see the date that the information was last updated by our research team.


You can access statistics to see how users are interacting with the information about your funds.

  • Fund views
  • Search returns – the number of searches that have returned your fund
    This is displayed as a pie-chart format. To view the exact number place your mouse over the pie chart.
  • Number of comments
  • Number of request for information – the number of users who have sent contact requests for more information.

By default the statstics show the activity in the last 30 days. You can change the reporting period by selecting an option form the drop down list at the top of the page.

Reviewing your funds

To review the information that we currently publish about your funding opportunities click on the fund title to view the full details as they appear on Funding Central.

We write our funding content in a standard format to try and help groups easily compare funding opportunities. We write in a clear tone that makes it easy for groups to understand the key elements of the funding opportunity.

You might find that the information doesn’t appear exactly as it does on your own website, but we always take care to make sure we don’t change the meaning of the information.

Adding hints and tips

To help refine funding applications you can add any hints and tips that might be useful to a group thinking of applying to your fund.

To add a hint or a tip, hit the Add Hints and Tips button. Clicking the Add Hints and Tips button will cause a text box with a number of fields to pop up.

Then insert the fund title and your comments. You can also upload any useful documentation in the Add a new document section by hitting the Choose File and Add buttons.

Requesting a change

Hit the Request Change button displayed beneath the relevant programme and insert the fund name and give details about the changes you would like to be made into the pop up window. You can also upload any relevant or useful documentation.

The information you supply will goes to our research team who make the changes to the site as soon as they can, normally within two working days.

Adding new funding programmes

To add a fund to Funding Central that is not currently listed hit the Post New Opportunity button at the top of the notice board.

Complete the form and attach any useful application documentation, such as guidance notes and forms, using the document up-loader tool.

A member of our research team may get in touch with you to confirm any details before the information is published

Creating a report

You can print of the information by creating a report of all or some of your funding opportunities. Select the listings you would like to be included and clicking on the Create Report button on the left hand side of the page – you can choose to download or print this information.