Using the Guided Search

Our guided search supports anyone new to the site or new to funding.

  • Work through a series of questions about your project
  • Resources to support your are identified along the way
  • Receive tailored funding and advice results to work through.

Getting the most our of your search

Work through our tips or watch our short user guide as you run your funding search.

Work through eight steps

Our Guided Search takes you through eight questions about your project or your group.

The more information you put in, the more accurate and relevant your results will be. But to save time you can pre-fill most of your funding search with information from your profile. Select either the personal details or organisational details button from the top of the search page.

Searching based on your personal details will tailor the search to information you have in your profile under the Personalisation heading - the information that tailors your weekly newsletter.

Searching based on your organisational details will tailor the serach to the work of your organisation as a whole.

Add your location

At the end of the Guided Search you asks you to enter information about your location.

To tailor the best results add in the location of where your project, service or activities will take place, this could be different from where your organisation is based.

If you have pre-filled your search with your profile information and this section is blank may have selection more than one location when you registered.

Your results page

Your results page will show your funding results, and events that you might find useful.

Guided search results

Your funding results

The top five matches are displayed on your results page.

Click on Get a summary of all your results to view your results in full.

If your results contain more than 200 matches you won't be able to view them in one list, you’ll need to go back and refine your search to narrow down matches.

Guided search funding results

You can save your funding search and return to it at any time. Click on the Save Search button on the right hand side of the results page and name your search.

You can save individual funding schemes in the same way by clicking on the Save Details button on the right hand side of the page.

Saving searches to your newsletter

Information from your saved searches can be used as well as your personalised information to tailor the content of your weekly newsletter.

When you save your search the box I want to receive weekly alerts based on this search is already selected. If you don't want the search details to tailor the content of your weekly newsletter just untick the box.

Create your report

You can create a report based on your search results. Tick the boxes next to the schemes you would like to include and click on the Create Report button on the right hand side of the page. this report is not saved to your Funding Central Profile but you can save the report to your own computer. Once saved, a copy can be printed.

Saving searches