Frequently Asked Questions about Funding Central

About the changes

Why are you making these changes?

Funding Central is unique, providing access to information on thousands of grants, contracts and loan finance opportunities from local, national and EU funding sources all in one place.

NCVO developed Funding Central to help support charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to secure funding for their work and explore sustainable income strategies.

For the past seven years NCVO has delivered Funding Central under contract to the Cabinet Office. However the Cabinet Office ended their funding of Funding Central on March 31 2016.

NCVO recognise the vital importance of Funding Central to the voluntary sector and are committed to continuing it. But to keep Funding Central running we need to replace the Cabinet Office funding.

Over the past months we have worked hard to develop a new subscription based business model to keep Funding Central sustainable whilst keeping it accessible to as many organisations as possible.

How will you use subscription fees?

The money raised from subscriptions will directly fund the ongoing delivery of Funding Central to ensure we maintain the high quality of data and website functionality. This will include the running and maintenance of the site, the research, collection, and presentation of funding information.

About Funding Central

My organisation is registered outside of England can I still register?

NCVO supports the voluntary sector in England. Funding Central lists funding opportunities for organisations registered in England. If you are registered outside England try:

I am looking for funding for an individual. Where do I start?

Funding Central does not include funding for individuals but for voluntary and community organisations.

Can schools search for funding on Funding Central?

Funding Central is for all of civil society organisations so schools can use the website. When registering you can either select independent school or you may also want to register the school PTA or PTS.

Does Funding Central cover international funding?

We list local nation and international funding opportunities available for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises registered in England.


Do I have to pay to use Funding Central?

Funding Central will continue to be free for smaller organisations and provide low cost access to larger organisations.

What types of subscription are there?

We have three subscription bands

  • Funding Central will remain free for organisations with an annual income of under £100,000.
  • Organisations with an income of over £100,000 per year will need to pay an annual subscription fee of £100 plus VAT.
  • Individual users not directly connected with an organisation (such as a consultant) will need to pay an annual subscription fee of £50 plus VAT.

See our guide to subscription types

Does this include receiving the weekly funding newsletter?


What's included in the subscription?

Funding Central will continue to provide our existing service, this includes

  • Daily updated and comprehensive database of grants, contact and loan finance opportunities
  • The latest funding news
  • Personalised and tailored newsletter
  • Practical tools and resources exploring funding streams and sustainability
  • Partner Zone
  • Funder Zone
  • Notice board of news, deadlines, events and jobs.

How many logins do I get with an organisational subscription

An organisational subscription includes unlimited logins - allowing anyone from your organisation to create accounts to use Funding Central.

How and when do I pay?

You need to pay for a subscription online when you activate an existing account or register on Funding Central. We use Sage Pay for secure online payments. We will email you a VAT invoice.

Can I pay by invoice?

Unfortunately at the moment due to our capacity we are only set up to take online payments. This also enables us to keep subscription costs down for the user.

How long does my subscription last? How do I renew my subscription?

A subscription lasts for one year. We will send you an email two weeks before your subscription is due to end so you can renew it.

Your subscription will end automatically after one year. So no money will be taken unless you chose to renew.

My organisation is not registered in England is Funding Central for me?

Funding Central lists funding and finance opportunities for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises that are registered in England. If you are registered outside England try:

My postcode isn't recognised

Our registration form automatically checks a postcode against a list we get from Royal Mail. Sometimes postcodes can be missing from this list, either because they are relatively new or because they have been missed off from the data collection.

You'll need to put in a different postcode to register - this could be your home postcode, local library or town hall. The postcode does not have to match up to the rest of your address.

We ask for a postcode when you register due to the nature of our work which limits the scope of Funding Central to organisations registered in England. Your postcode does not affect the location of your funding searches which is set by another field in the registration form.

Already have an account

Adding more user accounts to an organisation

All organisational subscriptions allow an unlimited number of people from that organisation to register and use Funding Central.

Existing users will need to re-activate their accounts.

New users to the site will need to register on the site.

In each case when you get to the organisation section start to type in the name of your organisation, select it from the list that appears, then hit the next button.

Link your account to an organisation

The wrong organisation appears in my profile

You can update the organisation linked to your account through your profile when you activate your account.

I don't want to subscribe just yet

You can subscribe at any time and re-activate your existing account

I’ve forgotten my password

Follow the instructions on the site to reset your password

Using Funding Central

How do I stay logged in?

You need to be logged into your account to access Funding Central. If your web browser does not automatically keep you logged in to your account

  • Check your web browser settings is remembering your passwords. In the options setting you might need to allow cookies - to remember your password.
  • Check that your default web browser that opens from your email account is also logged in to Funding Central.
  • If you view your newsletter on your phone you'll also need to update that browser.

I am having trouble accessing my account. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click the forgotten my password link on the top right of each page and you will be sent a reminder to the email address you registered with.

If you have cut and pasted in an email address or password check if any spaces have been included and delete them.

If you are still having other login difficulties please get in touch with us.


I'm a funder, how do I add a fund to the site or update existing funds?

If your fund is new to Funding Central please complete our Fund Information Template & FAQs and email it to us

If you would like to make changes to an existing fund get in touch

What about the Funder Zone

The Funder Zone is an exclusive area of the site for grant funders, public sector commissioners and loan providers who provide funding to voluntary and community organisations, charities and social enterprises.

Through the Funder Zone you can:

  • Request to edit and add new information about your opportunities
  • View activity on Funding Central that relates to your programmes
  • Share information, hints and tips about your programmes
  • View user comments
  • Promote your events.

To access the Funder Zone you will need to subscribe to Funding Central.