Using Crowdfunder for your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is a huge growth area, Nesta the innovation charity said that in 2013 crowdfunding grew by a massive 388%.

Lots of our users have told us they'd like to find out more about crowdfunding but didn’t know where to start. So we are working with Crowdfunder to help you explore crowdfunding as part of your funding mix.

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Crowdfunder is the UK's largest rewards based crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunder helps community groups, charities and social enterprises raise funds from the community around them, helping people turn their ideas into reality. So far they have helped thousands of projects raise over £4 million.

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Using Crowdfunder

Crowdfunding is a way of funding a specific project by raising donations from people through an online campaign.

You can crowdfund if you are starting your fundraising from scratch, want to set up a new project or have already received funding from other sources. In fact many organisations chose to use Crowdfunder as match funding to unlock much larger pots of money.

How does it work?

  • To start your project you'll need to decide on the amount you need to raise and explain how you are going to use the money through an online video.
  • Once your project page is live you invite your community to back the project with pledges of cash. You can also ask people to donate time and skills towards projects.
  • When a person backs a project they get a 'reward' from the project. Rewards are normally a product, service or experience that is produced by the project. For example Leeds bread co-operative gave a loaf of bread every week for a year in return for a £100 pledge, this allowed them to setup their bakery and raise £8000 from 114 local people.
  • Supported by Crowdfunder, you promote your project using a mixture of social media, email, word of mouth and events.
  • You need to hit your fundraising target for the money to be released to their project.
  • Once you have raised the money, you then distribute their rewards to your backers - and make their great idea happen.

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Many project owners tell us they learn entrepreneurial and marketing skills in the process of crowdfunding and promote their project to new people who will help in many ways over the coming years.

Crowdfunding success


AH2O was born out of the work started by Anton Hawkins in early 2013, delivering essential water filtration equipment to families in the remote areas of Chinandega in Northern Nicaragua.

Tragically, Anton passed away in a fatal car accident in July 2013. Not wanting to let Anton’s infectious attitude rest with him, a passionate group of Anton’s close friends and family set up AH2O, an organisation dedicated to providing targeted support to the area of Nicaragua Anton had grown to love, keeping his dream alive.

Running a well executed social media campaign AH20 reached over 400,000 people. through Crowdfunder in just 19 days they had raised £8,087 from 207 backers.

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Bombed out Church

Liverpool's iconic 'Bombed out church' was under pressure to be sold off for development due to council cuts, but the crowd raised the funds required to ensure the future of the building and its use as a community space. Bombed out church raised £20,260 from 549 backers in 56 days.

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Crowdfunder can reach an audience of up to 17million through our partner’s network which include:

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  • Plus our foundation partners:
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