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What is Funding Central?

Funding Central is a leading funding website for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises registered in England.

We provide unique access to thousands of grants, contracts and loan finance opportunities from local, national and EU funding sources, all in one place.

“Funding Central picks out opportunities that other funding searches don’t”

To use Funding Central you need to subscribe. We provide free access to smaller organisations and low cost access to larger organisations and individual users - ranging from £50 to £100 plus VAT.

Explore Funding Central

Funding Central can save you time and help you find funding for your organisation.

Intuitive funding searches

Funding Central offers two intuitive ways to search for funding opportunities

  • Our Guided Search supports anyone new to funding by offering advice and resources along the way
  • Our Advanced Search supports more experienced fundraisers to get straight in.

Tailored results

Each funding search produces a tailored list of results for you to explore.

Our funding listings are easy to read and updated regularly, highlighting key criteria, guidance documents, how to apply and contact details amongst other headings.

You can save funding schemes, funders and your funding searches to your profile or print out as reports.

“It would take hours to track down the information you provide”

Personalised newsletter

So you don’t miss a funding opportunity our weekly newsletter sends tailored alerts straight to your inbox updating you on new schemes, upcoming deadlines and the all latest funding news and events.

“The funds relevant to my work pop into my inbox every week”

Latest funding news

You can also keep up to date with all the latest funding news, funding updates, deadline and events on our noticeboard.

Funding advice

There’s also practical tools and resources from NCVO and other funding experts to support you in developing your sustainable funding strategy.

“It has a wealth of information about available funding and all things fundraising related”

What our users say

In our 2016 survey our users gave Funding Central the thumbs up.

  • 85% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Funding Central.
  • 71% said we save them time; on average around three hours each week.
  • Our users told us they secured on average around £18,000 for their organisation from funding opportunities found on Funding Central.

“It helped discover funding opportunities I didn't know existed”

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Subscribe to Funding Central

To use Funding Central you need to subscribe. Funding Central provides free access to smaller organisations and low cost access to larger organisations and individual users.

My organisation’s income is under £100,000 per year

Funding Central will remain free for organisations with an annual income of under £100,000.

My organisation’s income is over £100,000 per year

Organisations with an income of over £100,000 per year will need to pay an annual subscription fee of £100 plus VAT.

*An organisational subscription includes unlimited logins - allowing anyone from your organisation to create accounts to use Funding Central.

I don’t belong to an organisation

Individual users not connected with an organisation will need to pay an annual subscription fee of £50 plus VAT.

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Who runs Funding Central

NCVO developed and runs Funding Central to help support organisation secure funding and explore sustainable income strategies.

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